10 Best Seedbox Providers You Must Know About

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Seedbox is a remote hosting server with high-speed bandwidth that provides relentless downloads and uploads of digital files through a peer to peer network. For torrent users, seedboxes come in real handy with their incredible features. Even the cheapest seedbox providers offer the customers with incredible features that make their torrenting experience smooth and reliable.

As soon as you make use of a seedbox, the first thing that you’ll notice is you no longer will suffer from throttling bandwidth. Also, users get to enjoy high-speed downloads and seeding rates with security features that minimize privacy threats online. choosing a top seedbox brand comes along with incredible features.

Below we have listed some of the best seedbox names that offer amazing features. Most of the seedboxes that are enumerated below are based on their overall performance and price offered to the customers. So, without further ado let’s start with the list, shall we?

1.    DediSeedbox

With a super-easy user interface and a decent amount of seedbox related information, online DediSeedbox can be noted among the best seedbox brands. The highly prioritized feature of speed is pretty impressive as well. Since DediSeedbox claims to deliver 10 Gbps with all of their featured hosting plans. However, customers may find the error of an overbooked server that messes with their offered speed claims.

But one thing that makes DediSeedbox a little more appealing to the customers is its ease of installing applications. Users get to choose from a list of 30 apps with one-click installation feature. Customer support is not decent enough to provide prompt solutions.

2.   UltraSeedbox

UltraSeedbox can be termed as a whole package when it comes to the best working seedbox brand in the market. The beginners will find its interface super easy to access and control. Furthermore, with its Plex optimized hosting plans users get to enjoy a lot of amazing features. Also, if the customers are able to splurge then its higher-priced seedbox plans also offer SSD storage.

Unlimited downloads with speed up to 20 Gbps, users get tremendous joy using this server. Customers get to pick the most suitable plans that fulfills their requirements as UltraSeedbox offers a wide range of plans.

3.   Seedbox.io

Overall, seedbox.io has earned a good name over the years for its stability and performance. The highlighting feature that grabs the attention of most customers is its $5 priced shared slot. Functioning on their own peering network seedbox.io provides both dedicated and shared slots for the customers. It also enables the users with private and public trackers.

However, seedbox.io has limited FTP connections that can be an issue for users when they are accessing multi-threaded FTP downloads. Plus, users won’t get Plex application on a shared slot. Customers need to carefully analyse the features offered in different plans so that they could get maximum benefit using its seedbox services.

4.   RapidSeedbox

Released in the year 2008, RapidSeedbox is a popular seedbox provider for customers looking for dedicated seedbox solutions. With multiple hosting plans and reliable 24×7 client support, this is one of the top seedbox providers available in the market. Offering the customers with customizable seedbox services this one is a pretty much customer-driven seedbox brand in the market.

But the only downside that the customers may feel choosing this seedbox is it isn’t an inexpensive seedbox hosting service. If you are tight on budget then it would be tough for you to pick out the right hosting plan from RapidSeedbox.

5.   SeedboxBay

SeedboxBay is yet another great brand when it comes to the best seedboxes choice. Users will get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth with rapid connections and downloads. The beginners will find this server super easy to use as it has a quality interface with simplified control options. Prices are comparatively reasonable with multiple hosting plans to choose from.

But customers may face some difficulty due to slow FTP downloads. The download rate from the server to the user device does not happen instantly. Also, some of the customers complained about abrupt reboot at the peak hours of usage. Nonetheless, looking at the price and overall performance, SeedboxBay could be considered as a good choice for seedbox.

6.   Seedit4.me

Yet another affordable seedbox hosting provider that has earned a good reputation over the years in the market. Clean and easy user interface, limitless bandwidth and 24×7 client support, this provider is decent for all typed of users.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro user looking for decent seedboxing, seedit4.me has everything in its store to offer. The only feature that this one lacks is it does not enable any public trackers. Overall, you can make your choice for this seedbox provider in a heartbeat.

7.   Cloudboxes.io

Not many customers have heard of this one as it is a new name in the list of best seedbox providers. However, with decent services up in its package this one deserves a mention in this list. Cloudboxes.io offers amazing security options with its robust hardware and software solutions. With unlimited incoming traffic available in all their featured plans this one offers a great hosting solution to the customers.

But cloudboxes.io fails to provide the same for outgoing traffic. Plus, users don’t have many choices in terms of hosting plans unlike other seedbox providers. It only offers a limited number of 3 seedbox plans to choose from.

8.   Easy-Tk

This one is a French location-based hosting provider offering the services for VPN, seedbox and VPS. It has an updated app hub and simple user interface perfect for those who are new to using a seedbox.

Users do not get the option of free trial to test out their services. Hence, make sure to learn more about their services and customer review before you commit to a specific plan.

9.   Seedbox.fr

With a limited number of hosting plans seedbox.fr is a decent seedbox brand available in the market. Choose for this one if you are looking for a fair price/quality ratio in seedbox services. Reliable and simple interface with quality client support, this one definitely deserves a mention in the list.

Make your choice of plan wisely as the users will only get 3 hosting plans to choose from.

10.  ISeedFast

Lastly, the ISeedFast seedbox is a great seedbox provider that is available at the moment. This one offers mostly all the features of a great running seedbox. Good performance available at a cheap price is the highlight of ISeedFast provider.

However, it does not allow public trackers, and the client support is somewhat unreliable. This one could be a perfect choice for those who are new to using seedboxes as they offer cheap priced plans.

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