6 Top Advantages of Owning a Seedbox

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Torrenting is often restricted in many countries and there are instances when penalties were issued when someone was caught downloading copyrighted materials. Maintaining anonymity while torrenting is tough with all the online trackers monitoring your activities.

All these and many other torrenting issues can be easily resolved by using a top seedbox. A seedbox is a remote cloud-based server having a public IP address through which downloads and uploads of digital files can be done at extremely fast speeds using the BitTorrent protocol.

But these are only some of the benefits that you get with a seedbox. Here we have come up with the main advantages of a seedbox and why you should own one.


Downloading and uploading speeds are enormous in seedboxes. This is because they are on the 100Mbit lines which make them the fastest. The speeds often range between 100Mbps to around 10Gbps using which you can download and upload digital files at lightning-fast speeds. Though the speed will vary with the plan you choose, the best seedbox will always offer great speeds for every plan.

Safety and Security

With a seedbox, your torrenting activities remain completely anonymous. This is because you no more need to use a BitTorrent client in your system, all your torrenting activities will be from your seedbox which bears a public IP address. So, no more worrying about notices and letters from your ISP or other authorities.

Build Ratio

If you are into some private tracker or closed torrenting community, you’d know how hard it is to build a ratio and maintain it. And when you fail to maintain the optimum sharing ratio, you can be kicked out of the community. The best way to overcome this difficulty is to use a top seedbox. With a seedbox, all your uploads will be done with great speeds and you’ll be maintaining the ratio easily.

A seedbox doesn’t put any limits to downloads or uploads and thus you can make full utilization of this tool to maximize the transfer rate and build your ratio. 

You can simply upload a file and forget about it. The best seedbox will do all the hard work of seeding it while you build your ratio.

Only Torrenting Option in Some Places

Peer-to-peer downloads are restricted in many places. It can be your school, workplace, or even home if your ISP blocks such activities. These restrictions can be overcome by using a seedbox. With the best seedbox, you can torrent safely and without getting caught as you are not leaving any torrenting footprints with your ISP. You are not even using your IP address assigned by your ISP for torrenting. You are using the IP address of the seedbox, so there are no chances of any unwanted events happening.

Streaming of Video Files

Many top seedbox comes with pre-installed media center software. These software help you stream your video collection right from the seedbox itself without having to download them into your PC first. Software like KODI and Plex makes your seedbox a media center on which you can automatically organize your downloads and even stream them.


A top seedbox often comes with a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network which you can use for complete anonymity online. It masks your IP address and you can do whatever you want online with complete privacy.

So, these are the features that make a seedbox unique and advantageous for use while torrenting. You get a lot of storage space, enormous download and upload speeds, and complete safety and security if and when you use the best seedbox.

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