Everything You Must Know for Finding the Best Seedbox

best seedbox

Every now and then we face different issues while downloading or seeding torrent files online. Whether it is the intimidating pop-up messages or the threat of being tracked, the challenges that we deal with while torrenting are immense. This is the reason why users abandon the activity of torrenting, however, there’s a perfect solution available to get rid of all these challenges.

A seedbox could be the ideal item in possession of accomplishing seamless torrent activity. The remote hosting server that offers high-speed bandwidth that serves the goal of relentless downloads and seeding. Even the most basic seedbox offers amazing torrenting services. However, if you are an avid torrent user and need the added benefits of using this server you need the best of the best seedbox.

The number of seedbox companies are many and the struggle to find the best one increases a lot. So, to make your search a little easier we have enumerated some crucial info that would help users to pick the best seedbox for themselves. Whether you are just a beginner or a pro torrent user, these factors will help you to find the perfect seedbox that would fulfil their hosting requirements.

Firstly, Let’s learn what a seedbox does?

A seedbox is a remote hosting server that allows the users with high-speed bandwidth that enables them for high rate torrent transfer. Torrent users specifically make use of a seedbox remotely hosted server to seed files at a faster pace.

Now you must be wondering how seedbox could make your torrenting activities smooth. Well, here’s how –

  • Maintaining Anonymity

You know your activities are being watched by several trackers online. Your home IP address is exposed and you are at a vulnerable state of being tracked or spied on. Now one of the greatest features that a seedbox offers is to conceal your IP and make your connectivity completely anonymous. Hence, you are now able to download or seed your torrent files online without the worry of being tracked by anyone.

  • Access to Private Community

Once you are a user of seedbox then becoming a VIP member of a private torrent community becomes easy. A prime term of getting access to this community is by maintaining a good ratio standard. With the use of seedbox one can easily be able to keep up the ratio standards.

  • High Speed Downloads & Uploads

A significant reason why seedbox is used for torrenting activity is because of its high-speed connectivity. You will be able to download and seed torrent files at high bandwidth rates without impacting your home connectivity. Not only you’ll be freeing up your home connectivity but will get all your torrent tasks done rapidly.

  • Storage Space

Seedbox is not only your remote hosting server but a data storage space as well. It offers an impressive amount of storage space for saving your downloaded files without jamming up your system’s hardware. You can always transfer the files with an easy FTP download for later use.

Factors you must consider to pick the best seedbox

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of why you need a seedbox, it’s time for you to consider the factors that will help you find the best one available in the market. Although, the above listed perks may be available in standard quality seedbox as well, however, for add-on perk and premium quality you must pick the best. The factors that will guide you to find the best seedbox includes –

  • Speed offered

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why users opt for seedbox is because it eliminates the capped speed of your ISP and enables you with high-speed torrent downloads and uploads. Hence, if you want to get hold of one of the best seedbox you must look at the speed that it offers to you. Any seedbox provider offering you speed ranging between 10 to 20 MBPS is a good one to go for. Also, one of the things that you need to keep in mind about speed is the processor and RAM of the server. The higher the RAM, the higher is its functionality for multiple trackers.

  • Customer Support

Now you need to pick a seedbox provider that offers amazing customer support for their clients. It is inevitable to not face an issue related to your seedbox. If a seedbox company is promising you that then steer clear away from them. Instead, a genuine seedbox provider will offer you relentless customer support that is available to solve your issue 24×7. Review about the support team that a seedbox company offers its users. That’s one of the best ways to find out the best seedbox.

  • Monthly/Annual Cost

Assess your budget and the monthly charges implied by a seedbox company. Whether the seedbox is best for you or not greatly depends on the cost you are investing for it. As a matter of fact, seedboxes are a recurring investment. You must review your budget and the charges offered by a seedbox provider. Whether you opt for a monthly plan or an annual package, make sure you tally with your budget beforehand. As for the prices, there are seedbox providers available at a lowered cost of $10 to high cost of $500 as well.

  • Billing or Payment Mode

Now your search for finding the best seedbox company cannot be complete if you do not consider the payment mode or billing mechanism offered by the company. Now among the best there are several scamming companies as well who might trick you. Always go with companies that provide you with safe and clean payment modes such as PayPal.

  • Storage Space offered

Lastly, see how much storage space a seedbox company is offering to the users. If you wish to enjoy all the perks of a seedbox then you must consider the storage space factor as well. Most cheap priced seedboxes do not offer sufficient storage space.

The above-enumerated factors are pretty important for a user to consider so that they could find the best seedbox.

List of some Best Seedboxes

Now that we have analysed the essential factors that would guide you to buy the best seedbox. We have taken the effort to put down a list of best seedboxes that are currently offering the things that a fine operating seedbox provider would offer.

  • DediSeedbox

DediSeedbox is a big name when it comes to seedbox hosting providers. It is noted among one of the first seedbox companies that offered unlimited bandwidth. This Netherland based hosting server offers an incredible speed of up to 10 GBPS. Also, it has some amazing range of plans lined for its users. And each plan comes along with OpenVPN connectivity.

Also, considering the storage space, DediSeedbox offers up to 2 TB disk space. This seedbox hosting server offers the users with safe and secure payout mode as well such as Bitcoin. It also features some incredible apps that the users get to use with “one click” installation. Available for VPS or Dedicated Seedbox, users get to enjoy the best of torrenting with this remote hosting server.

  • RapidSeedbox

If you aren’t hesitant to splurge your money then RapidSeedbox is the ultimate remote hosting server for you. One of the most trusted names among the seedbox providers, this one is known for its unabating customer support. It comes along with a wide range of monthly and annual plans that would justify every users’ needs.

RapidSeedbox offers its clients with 24×7 live support that would address every user’s query. With 14-day money back guarantee users can be at ease for availing genuine services. It comes along with ample amount of storage space, RAM and other amazing resources. This one is truly a customer driven seedbox provider.

  • SeedboxBay

SeedboxBay is another great seedbox option that a user must choose if they are looking for the best seedbox. A perfect remote hosting solution for those who just want to get used to the idea of seedbox hosting. Available at affordable priced packages, this seedbox hosting provider is noted to be one of the best.

A great team of client support is readily available for providing you effective solutions 24×7. The number of plans offered by them may seem limited, however, that’s not true. As each plan is tailored keeping in mind the nature of client’s needs and usage. Head over to choose for this one, if you want the best hosting performance at a reasonable price.


So, what are you waiting for? Now that you are aware of everything essential about seedbox, finding the best seedbox wouldn’t be tough for you. Give your torrenting activities the much-needed boost that it needs by opting for a perfect seedbox. Aside from torrenting, you’ll realize that more things can be done with this super remotely hosted server. Complete your search for the best seedbox by considering the above factors and get all your torrenting needs fulfilled with the right seedbox hosting provider now.

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