Seedbox or VPN: Which one is a better choice & Why?


The importance of online security is at its peak when it comes to online activities. Every user wants to keep their data safe and doesn’t want to expose their identity. The chances of you being exposed to scammers and hackers online is extremely high. There are several security tools available that assure robust security and privacy.

Now, among various security options, the two debatable ones are Seedbox and VPN. Which one provides you the ultimate security and overall internet privacy? What good does each of them bring? Of course, the choice is also greatly influenced by user requirements. Whether choosing the best Seedbox provider or VPN is going to be beneficial for you, is the real concern.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the things that these solutions and what all things they have got to offer. Make your choice for the best solution.


Seedboxes are remote hosting servers that use a high-speed data center to carry out smooth and secure downloading and uploading of torrents. With access to a Seedbox, users can anonymously download and upload digital files to their choice of device. To put it simply, we can say that Seedbox is an intermediary that enables the users to access and download files via secure HTTPS connections. But there’s more to this tool as some top Seedbox providers come along with OpenVPN access that further amplifies your security online.

Pros of using a Seedbox

Below we have listed down some of the advantages of using a Seedbox.

·          Incredible Bandwidth

Seedbox allows users to access and download digital files all throughout the day. Not just with downloads, it offers relentless uploading of digital files as well. Using this remote server one can achieve high-speed downloads and uploads as it is situated in a high bandwidth data center.

The speed usually ranges between 100 Mbps up to a whopping 10 Gbps. You can download and seed files as much as you want without having to worry about the bandwidth. Some of the best Seedbox providers even offer higher bandwidth based on the hosting plan you choose.

Also, this remote server uses the BitTorrent protocol which is one of the appropriate ways of sharing files over a peer-to-peer network. This is one of the prime reasons why Seedbox provides high-speed downloads to the users.

·          Disabling ISP Limitations

Do you know that your ISP curbs your speed as soon as you reach a bandwidth limit? Yes, your ISP implies a certain bandwidth limit that when you hit slows down the internet speed. With the use of Seedbox one can avoid this restriction as your ISP is not in use for downloading or uploading files.

Also, users may notice that some of the BitTorrent ports are blocked as your ISP does not enable access to them. However, with Seedbox you can get access for whichever port you want as per your liking.

·          Ensuring Privacy

The most important point of all is that Seedbox ensures that all your torrenting activities are private and remotely accessed. As we all are aware that torrent sites are insecure tremendously. The number of trackers monitoring your activity online is beyond imagination.

Additionally, your home IP address is completely exposed that ups your vulnerability online. But a Seedbox can ensure privacy and avoid such security violations by cloaking your home IP address. You and your activity remains absolutely anonymous when you are torrenting online.


VPN is a virtual private network that aids the users in establishing a secure connection over which they can share files with other networks. Unlike Seedbox, VPN is not a server, but instead is an encrypted network that can be enabled to send data over an unreliable public network. VPNs are primarily used to get access to websites that are region-restricted. As soon as you enable VPN, your hosting address is concealed so that you gain access to these websites easily.

Pros of using a VPN

Below we have narrowed down the benefits of using a VPN. These features are definitely the highlights of VPN.

·          Enable Remote Access

VPN provides the amazing feature of remote data access. This feature enables the users to access data and share files securely and remotely from a different location through VPN connection.

This feature greatly benefits companies that have different location branches. They can access computer info and share files remotely by using the encrypted line of VPN.

·          Secures Your IP Address

Another great feature offered by VPN is that it secures your IP address when you are browsing online. A VPN connection absolutely keeps your IP anonymous from everyone else.

Even if anyone tries to track your IP address, they would end up tracking the IP of the VPN you are using. The VPN IP could be a random location address as it cloaks your real home IP address.

·          Bypasses Geo-restrictions

Finally, as mentioned earlier VPN helps users to bypass the geo-restrictions of any website. Hence, if you want to access a particular website that only allows users of a specific country, you can easily change your network location and access the contents of the website.

Also, if you are travelling to a different location then a VPN connection can easily alter your traffic to that location, hence, it appears as if you are accessing the content from that particular location.

Bottom Line

Well, we can rightly say that both solutions offer an impressive level of security features to the users. While Seedbox is meant to be working for exclusively torrenting activities, VPN can be used for overall internet activity. But then again some of the top seedboxes also come equipped with VPN features and users can enjoy the perks of both tools by using such a Seedbox. Make your choice wisely based on your requirement as both Seedbox and VPN offer incredible security and privacy features.

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