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Seedboxes are the hottest new trend in torrenting and their popularity has soared beyond the stratosphere, in the past couple of years and the same is expected to continue, well into the future. Seedboxes are considered very effective when it comes to downloading stuff from torrent. It is considered to be a lot more effective than other methods out there, including and especially VPNs. Seedboxes are one of the most efficient ways for safely uploading and downloading files while continuing to make the full use of torrents at a good speed. ‘Speed’ is perhaps one of the hallmarks of seedboxes and the speed can easily range from anywhere between 100Mbps to 10Gbps. People who have access to a seedbox can easily download files on their home computers as well as personal laptops.

If you have been flirting with the idea of getting a seedbox, but still haven’t been able to make up your mind, then read on further to know the key benefits and the most compelling reasons for using seedboxes. Let’s get started!

  1. Top-class Speed:- One of the hallmarks of a cheap seedbox or an expensive seedbox, is its speed, which is way higher than other alternatives available in the market. They are considerably faster than the internet connection that you have in your homes. Speeds can range from anywhere between 10Mb/s all the way up to 1 Gbps. Even if you use a cheap seedbox and the most economical variant available on the market, you will see that you are able to download torrent files in very less times. The speeds of the seedboxes are absolutely unmatched and you will be able to download different operating systems within seconds and a full blue-ray HD movie within 120 seconds. Even if you are using a cheap seedbox, you will easily be able to download files of gigabytes in a couple of minutes and without facing interruptions and hurdles of any kind, whatsoever. Just like downloading speeds, the uploading speed is also amazingly-fast!
  • Great for downloading, excellent for uplaoding:- With the help of a seedbox you will be able to download torrents at very fast and amazing speeds. If you are a serious torrenter or have a decent understanding of torrrenting, then you must know how important is seeding in the torrenting community. Seeding is one of the most important essentials for the maintenance of a healthy seeding membership and you will need good ratios for the same. The good news is that even if you use a cheap seedbox, you will be able to achieve a 1:1 ratio of the torrent, within minutes of using it. With popular torrents, you can get ratios of 10:1 within the first hour, even if you are using a cheap seedbox. No more need to seed for weeks for staying on your private tracker as long as you use a seedbox! With the help of a seedbox, it gets very easy to replace old torrents with fresh torrents. One of the key benefits of using a seedbox is that it has no upload limitations.
  • Safety and security:- Another important reason behind the soaring popularity of seedboxes is the fact that they provide high-end safety and security.  As long as you are using a seedbox, even if you are using a cheap seedbox, you won’t have to use any bit torrent clients on your home computer or your personal laptop. When you are using a seedbox, you won’t have to remain constantly worried over suspicions of the MPAA and RIAA spying on you. As long as you are using a seedbox, there will no longer be problems of your ISP issuing you with DMCAA notices and warning letters. You can be guaranteed of 100% security and safety when you are using a seedbox. A seedbox offers high-end security which makes it an excellent way of uploading files.
  • Forbids peer-to-peer traffic:- It is common knowledge that are several places like workplaces, schools, and homes where it is forbidden to download files on a peer to peer network. In such places, usually the ISP is blocked for activities of such nature. But when you use a seedbox, even a cheap seedbox, these things will cease to matter. With the help of a seedbox, you will easily be able to download files that you can use at a later time. All seedboxes have a web browser-based management application that can be used to remotely and conveniently download files. These files can later be downloaded to your home computer with the help of an HTTP or an FTP.
  • It allows for convenient streaming of video files:- If you have a little understanding of seedboxes then you would probably know that seedboxes are pretty effective in hosting medile files. Most seedboxes have Plex or KDI pre-installed on them. If and when these applications come pre-installed on your seedbox, they actively turn your seedbox into a full-fledged media center. All you need to do is to select your favourite content from libraries, directories and folders and directly stream it through a web browser on your seedbox. You don’t even need to open a private account for directly streaming new movies, TV shows and series.
  • Seedboxes run operations 24/7:- Even if you are using aq high-quality computer for downloading files all through the day and night, you will eventually end up clogging your bandwidth. But, things change when you have a seedbox! When you have a seedbox you can run operations 24/7 on it, without feeling the need to shut it down because most seedboxes come packed with robust hardware which is capable and resilient enough to withstand all sorts of challenges. With the help of a seedbox, even a cheap seedbox, you can easily upload and download files or torrents, all through the day, without the slightest bit of care about you connection speeds!
  • Seedboxes offer cheap storage:- The ruthless competition among different seedbox companies and vendors has ensured that competitors are trying to do everything to succeed in this lucrative market! They are trying to offer more features than their competitors with an eye of getting a bigger chunk of this lucrative and exponentially expanding market segment. All of this has resulted in more services and better features for the end-users! One of the striking benefits of this development has been that companies are expanding their storage capabilities which means more space for end-users to store their files. While using a seedbox, you will be able to save a lot of storage on your local machine. All you need to do is to select the files that you need to download. After the files have been downloaded to the seedbox you can later download it to your personal laptop or home computer.
  • Good ratio :- If you are familiar with torrenting then you definitely must know how important is the term ratio for retention of an account. If you don’t maintain the recommended target ratio you can end up getting kicked out. Therefore, to minimize your chances of getting kicked out you can consider the option of buying a seedbox. This is because a seedbox is considered highly effective in maintaining the ratio through different seeding torrents. With the help of a seedbox, even a cheap seedbox, you will easily be able to download and upload files with the help of a private tracker.
  • Seedboxes are very convenient:- One of the key benefits and the most compelling benefits of seedboxes is that they are highly convenient to use. No longer any need to use any computer which can end up eating your data balance in its entirety. No longer any need to stress over the antics of your room mates who might have a reputation of downloading large files regularly and resultantly slowing down the Internet. All you need to do is to get yourself a chaeap seedbox which can efficiently download all files safely and automatically.
  1. Seedboxes are cool:- If you are using a home internet connection, then you will surely be limited from doing a lot on your connection. On the contrary, if and when you get yourself a seedbox, you will find it very easy to enjoy very high speeds. You will be able to download movies, operating systems, game files, TV shows and even seed such files with the help of a seedbox! If you are someone who is looking for something to download and upload content quickly, efficiently and safely, then you can surely consider the option of buying a seedbox for yourself. It is an excellent source to bypass ISP traffic and it also easily allows for high-speed transmission of data. Seedboxes can be used on computer with all kinds of operating systems, right from Windows to Linux to Mac.

Final Thoughts

There you go. Those were the 10 key benefits of seedboxes and the 10 most compelling benefits of getting the same if you haven’t already done so! Seedboxes are the most efficient way to download and upload rich content.


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