Top 10 Cheap Seedbox 2020: Find The Best Seedbox Provider In The Market!

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Finding a cheap seedbox is actually not easy work right now. Even seedboxes and virtual private servers are quite popular nowadays over the internet. The right seedbox will not only allow you simple unloading or streaming and also with extreme privacy maintained. Seeders can access any online media – videos, movies, games, and pictures – with an active internet connection at any point and anywhere. 

There are plenty of top seedbox providers available currently and you can explore each provider in our ultimate seedbox guide. You will also experience all solutions offered are quite interesting as a newcomer. 

Lists of 10 Best Seedboxes 2020

Without wasting your valuable minutes and seconds, you can outline some of the best seedbox providers presently available in the market. These remote-server providers are quite reliable, cheap, offering standard-quality services, and excellent customer support to seeders. 

Here are major cheap seedbox providers currently operating over the industry –

1. UltraSeedbox

UltraSeedbox offers seeders with 300GB to 2TB of high-bandwidth at affordable monthly charges. Their media sharing speed of 150 Mbps at just $9 per month. UltraSeedbox is a much-recommended seedbox provider among seeders with ample storage space and pre-installed apps. They offer automatic slot reactivation options and various standard packages at nominal monthly charges.  

2. RapidSeedbox

RapidSeedbox is worth considering as it renders some great seedbox plans to users. They offer outstanding customer support and good internet speed along with a committed server available. RapidSeedbox is optimized with pre-installed popular applications and presently offering six premium packages ranges between €11 and €55 monthly along with storage option is 512 GB and 5.6 TB of bandwidth. 

3. SeedBoxBay

SeedBoxBay is another suggested remote-server provider offering unlimited bandwidth, 100GB of storage space, and 1Gbps data transfer speed at just $5 per month. The company aims users who are a newcomer and want smaller storage space at minimal monthly costs. SeedBoxBay allows seeder with immediate activation and installation upon payment clearance, along with permitting private and public servers.  

4. SuperBoxes

SuperBoxes also offer unlimited bandwidth at 1Gbps data transfer rate and currently competes with popular seedbox providers in the market. However, it only provider 300GB of storage and monthly charges start from $10.  

5. DediSeedbox

DediSeedbox is competitively priced and offering great customer support to seeders. This cheap seedbox is optimized with pre-installed applications, installable apps, and unlimited traffic options. DediSeedbox ensures automatic setup as seeders will receive every single note within a minute after initiating payments along with providing insane security encryption. 

6. EvoSeedBox

EvoSeedBox is an inexpensive server provider, which allows seeders with extreme-speed online media sharing ranges between 1Gbps and 2Gbps. They render high-bandwidth of 120GB to 2TB of storage space at just $5 per month as makes it the cheap seedbox provider of all in the market. The server is compatible will every system and online website along with supports virtual private networks to ensure complete anonymity.   

 7. is a versatile remote-server provider, which renders unlimited bandwidth along with 600GB of storage space and 1Gbps data transfer rates. This particular seedbox provider supports OpenVPN and permits committed server options to seeders. Their monthly seedbox plan ranges from $5 to $15, which is quite reasonable.  

8. is actually a newcomer and providing a cost-effective top seedbox along with quite good customer support. The company ensures great security protocols, instant setup with every purchase, and affordable monthly rents. also offers unlimited bandwidth to their seeders at a crazy speed. 

9. renders unlimited traffic with every seedbox plan. However, still not offering recommended client support to seeders as it own remote-servers along with public and private network to ensure great speeds as well as performance. can easily support multiple popular apps as customized with committed resources.   

10. Cheapseedboxes

This seedbox hosting company started its journey with a one-man army but eventually grown into a team that have dedicated and qualified members. With 24×7 client support, pro rata refund policy and secure payment methods, cheapseedboces is a trustworthy seedbox hosting company available in the market.

What Are Things To Consider While Selecting A Seedbox?

Seedboxes are cloud-supported remote-servers assisting users to download torrent files at an insane speed. Their bandwidth generally ranges from 100 Mbits to 20Gbits along with access to peer-to-peer networks. 

There are numerous seedbox providers available today! And so, as a newcomer, you must consider underneath points prior to choosing any particular server –

  • Speed

If you are interested in getting a remote-server over any private network, you must consider the speed it is offering while online streaming and unloading. Therefore, seeders need to pay complete attention over storage and memory, and so can ensure extreme speedy activities. However, you anyway not required intense speed always, your torrenting needs are often satisfied with a remote server providing 10 to 20 Mbps of speed. 

  • Monthly Charges

You must always consider your affordable costs and select a cheap seedbox as per your needs. If you’ve just started, you might not need any premium or expensive plans, and so it is wise to start at a reasonable cost. There are regular expenses, which you need to pay along with seedbox monthly rents. You can get also seedboxes at minimal prices of $5 to maximum expenses of $500 per month. 

Therefore, seeders are always suggested to make a selection as per individual needs and after carefully considering monthly expenses. 

  • Storage Options

These remote-servers are allowed expandable storage customization to manage your online activities – video or movie streaming, and playing games – cheaper ones are available with extremely smaller space. Mainly if it cost you around $3 to $5 per month will allow seeders with a maximum of 4GB of bandwidth, which isn’t useful anyway. With such minimum storage space, seeders can never improve their ratio. 

The above-pointed cheap seedbox providers aren’t manipulated anyway. And so, you are expected to get ample storage space and insane speed while streaming online videos or movies. Additionally, you must consider points prior to choosing any particular seedbox provider without proper research satisfying your needs. 

Hopefully, you can make the right choice of the best seedbox now!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Cheap Seedbox 2020: Find The Best Seedbox Provider In The Market!

  1. Toby says:

    DediSeedbox is a popular seedbox provider that offers incredible features to all types of users. Simple setup process and smooth user interface, this seedbox provider is absolutely hassle-free for the newbies. The hardcore users will find pre-installed plug-ins that would amplify the potential of the seedbox.
    The only major issue that users have to deal with is speed variation depending on the size of file download. However, all in all, DediSeedbox is a great performing seedbox that also offers affordable plans for users.

  2. Theo says:

    Seedbox io is a decently running seedbox provider available in the market. It offers both shared and dedicated slots for the customers. All the servers featured here have at least 100 Gb uplinks. Also, it has an active 24×7 client support team that monitors its server constantly.
    However, some of the users have reported some glitches while accessing seedbox services. Also, the user may get delayed response if an issue is raised beyond business hours of European Time Zone.

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